Why Cypress is the best E2E Automation Framework

Cypress is an Open Source JavaScript Front-end E2E testing framework created for the web that allows you to write tests that run them in a browser. Cypress came to solve the difficult areas developers or QA engineers facing while testing a website. is a developer-friendly tool that uses a unique DOM manipulation technique and working directly in the browser. Also provides an amazing and unique interactive test runner that helps you debug live when running the tests in open mode.

Interactive GUI

Cypress can runs tests in Headless mode & in an Innovative interactive runner (Open Mode) that allows you to see commands as they execute while also viewing the app under testing.

Cypress Runner in open mode

Snapshot functionality captures 

When a test is falling it will take an automated screenshot at the specific time the issue appears and made the test fail.
This screenshot will be saved in your PC and/or will be merged to cy-dashboard (will cover later).

Automatic scrolling

No need to set scrolling commands to scroll the web down or up, cypress can do it automatically by searching the element in the DOM.

Supported Browsers

Currently, the browsers that are supported:

– Chrome
– Firefox
– Electron
– Chromium

Rich Documentation

One of the most important things that Open Source framework must have is great documentation, a place to learn from, to collect all the necessary info.
This is exactly the case here, one of the best documentation that I got to see.

Cypress Documentation

Adaptive wait

Cypress automatically waits for the DOM to load elements to become visible, It instantly improves running speed and reliability.


Cy-Dashboard is a huge tool to help you monitor and view the analytics of all the runs.
It also has integration with major tools Such As: Jira, Slack, Github, Jenkins, and more…

Cypress Dashboard

Real-Time Reloads & commands execute 

Super Power, Cypress offers an amazing live-reloading feature. With live-reloading, we can let Cypress re-run the tests when just saving the code in the editor instead close the whole run any time we have code change while we are focusing on coding.

Ofir Blumental

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