Cypress | How To Run Cross Browser Testing

Cypress has the option to run Cross Browser Testing. Currently, cypress has support for chrome-family browsers only.
There is no support for the Safari browser yet.

To be able to run tests in different browsers they must be installed on your PC or CI.
Excluding Electron that already came with cypress all the rest needs to be installed.

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Browsers List

When running cypress from the test runner, you can choose to run cypress from the supported browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Chrome Beta
  • Chrome Canary
  • Chromium
  • Edge
  • Edge Beta
  • Edge Canary
  • Edge Dev
  • Electron
  • Firefox
  • Firefox Developer Edition
  • Firefox Nightly
Cypress Browsers

Command Line

We can also run Cross Browser Testing in a headless mode, to be able to select the browser we want to run with, we can specify it via the --browser flag when using the command line to launch Cypress.

For example, to run Cypress in Chrome:

cypress run --browser chrome

NPM scripts can be used as a shortcut:

"scripts": {
  "cy:run:chrome": "cypress run --browser chrome",
  "cy:run:firefox": "cypress run --browser firefox"

Live Demo

You can also watch great and quick tutorial on how to run Cross Browser Testing

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