About Me

About Me


My name is Ofir Blumental and I’m QA Automation lead at Houzz and the author of TestsVision blog.

As an Automation developer in the past years, I learned what is the real work of an automation developer, the responsibility and why its so important role.

In my current company, I had the privilege to plan and code from the start, full E2E automation testing infrastructure with full CI/CD integration.

My passion is to share my knowledge and experience from my daily challenges and achievements with others.

This is why I created TestsVision.com

Hope my articles will be helpful. Enjoy!

Ofir Blumental

Contact Me

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via:

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My email – ofirblumental1@gmail.com

Ofir Blumental

QA Automation Engineer - ofirblumental1@gmail.com
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